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Imperfect Love

Lauren Wilson is well on her way to her happily-ever-after. She’s passionate about her career as a middle school English teacher, she adores her handsome, hard-working husband, and with a baby...

Rebecca Talley

My newest novel, Imperfect Love, is on sale July 1st through midnight July 7th for only $.99 Here is the link to purchase. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so if you could tell your friends, I’d …

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Writing Ideastop comments

I’m often asked where I find my ideas. My picture book, Grasshopper Pie, was based on an experience I had when my children tried to feed me a live grasshopper. I tweaked the experience enough to make it an interesting …

Michael Knudsen says:
History books and biographies have always been great sources for me. The... more
Gail Goetz says:
Looks great, Rebecca. Very creative! more

Writing for Childrentop comments

Many people make the mistake of thinking that writing for children is easier than writing for adults. That’s simply not true.

Christopher Maselli says:
Excellent article! I’d also add that someone who wants to write for... more
Lori says:
Rebecca- Great information! Thanks for all your help! more

Point of View Part 2top comments

In the previous article you learned about Omniscient POV and 1st Person POV. Now it’s time to learn more about POV. 2nd Person POV This is rarely used because it requires the writer to use “you.” A short story might …

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Writing Fiction: Story Goal

The main character in a novel must have a goal. He must have something he works toward, something he desperately wants and if he does not obtain that something his life will not be the same.

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