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Grounded for Love: A Reunion Romance Novella

After being burned by her college boyfriend, Graham, book editor Serena Johnson believes the only dependable men are the ones found between the pages of a book. Her life in San Francisco is thrown...

Rebecca Talley

Promote Your Book

I’ve discussed doing a virtual book tour. What else can you do to promote your book?

While you conduct your virtual book tour, be sure to post the reviews using Twitter and Facebook so all of your contacts will be alerted to the reviews.

Known as social media, you can also use Twitter and Facebook to generate interest in your book by using your status to write something about your book. Be sure to link to any other articles, interviews, or newsworthy events including your book. You can also upload images of your cover. Don’t forget to include links where prospective buyers can purchase your book.

(With Facebook it’s easy to post a link or upload an image of your book. Click within your status and you’ll see options of what to include in your status. Twitter limits how many characters you can use so make sure to use as few words as possible to promote your book and use a web service like tinyurl to shorten your links).

You can also include your book title and publication date below your signature in your email program. Each time you send out an email, a gentle reminder of your book will be sent as well. Don’t overdo your signature line in your email, but do include other information such as your website or blog address.

Don’t overlook your email contacts to announce your book or any events surrounding your book. Design a simple email with the image of your book, the back cover copy, and where it can be purchased and send that to all of your contacts. Do be careful when sending email messages to bulk addresses. You can avoid problems by either sending to a dozen or so addresses at a time or using the BCC to add more recipients. Be sure you aren’t spamming anyone.

Join Goodreads and begin finding friends. If your book is listed on Amazon the cover image and back cover copy will be available at Goodreads at the click of a button. Use the event option to announce the release of your book, book signings, or anything else relevant about your book. On the page dedicated to your book, look on the right hand side and you’ll see an option to “Recommend It.” Click on that and it will take you to a page where you can select your Goodreads friends to whom the announcement will be sent. Easy, easy, easy.

Shelfari is another book site where book lovers congregate. You can use Shelfari to promote your book as well.

Amazon has author pages that you can use to promote your book. Ask your friends to post reviews of your book at Amazon as well.

Be sure to set up Google Alerts through Google so you can track any action on your book. If someone mentions it in a blog, writes a review, posts about it on Goodreads, or otherwise names your book, Google will automatically send you the link in an email. You may be surprised how often your book is mentioned on the internet.

Become web savvy and you’ll discover a multitude of opportunities to promote both you as an author and your book(s).

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