A New Release by Jennifer Griffiths

Distracting the Billionaire


An engagement arranged as part of a business merger goes sideways when the billionaire’s heir lays eyes on the wrong girl first. 

Noah Rush has awaited his big break in his father’s high-powered corporation for years. If he can accomplish one last task Dad sets for him, Noah will finally win a seat at the corporate table with his older brothers, and thereby heal the rifts he unintentionally caused in the family.

All he has to do is win a girl’s heart and never let her know it’s part of a business deal.

Noah may be a philandering billionaire’s heir, but he’s nobody’s idea of a ladykiller.

Throw in the fact that the girl is a competitor’s daughter with a recently-crushed heart, and this mission is beyond impossible.

However, when Noah confuses his target with her rather unpolished cousin, and promptly falls head over heels … switching his focus back to the mission threatens to tear him apart.

Can Noah afford to choose love over both his dad’s approval and the future he’s always worked for?

Distracting the Billionaire is book 4 in the Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride series by Swoony Award-winning author Jennifer Griffith and USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Savage.

All the books in the series are standalone All the books in the series are standalone romantic comedies with hunky heroes, hilarious twists, and clean-but-undeniable chemistry.

You can purchase Distracting the Billioinaire here.

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride Series
1. Marry Your Billionaire
2. Crushing on the Billionaire
3. Trusting the Billionaire
4. Distracting the Billionaire

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